3 Hubs where promote co-creation

  • Hub for Spintronics Low Power Semiconductor

    Design, Prototype verification, Evaluation and System development for
    ・Power saving logic semiconductor,
    ・AI processor,
    ・Next generation embedded memory (MRAM) with spintronics technology.

  • Hub for Semiconductor Manufacturing Process, Parts, Material and Image Sensors

    R&D based on ultra-clean process technology and image sensor technology for
    ・Ultra-small particles during manufacturing,
    ・Visualize gas flows,
    ・Ultra-clean parts,
    ・High-performance image sensor, Wiring materials

  • Hub for MEMS Design and Process

    R&D and technological evaluation/phototyping for advanced mounting technology for devices such as
    ・inertial sensor,
    etc. for autonomous vehicles.