Semiconductors that are the foundation of society.
Tohoku University has been leading research and development and developing human resources in the field of semiconductor science including design, materials, devices, manufacturing equipment, processes, evaluation, analysis, and even systems.

While utilizing the openness of the university, we will share the wide variety of knowledge we have created and accumulated with various institutions and companies. This will build up an open innovation platform throughsynergies.


  • ・The world-leading research on spintronics semiconductor, a game changing technology, has developed power saving logic chip, evaluation and manufacturing equipment, etc.

  • ・Leading the global research on MEMS delivered implementations of many devices in collaboration with companies.

  • ・There are many developments on parts and materials for world-class infrastructure and of processes and devices by utilizing them.

  • ・“Award for Contribution to Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration” was given.


  • Represetative

    Takafumi Aoki

    Executive Vice President for Strategic Planning, Provost

  • Deputy representative

    Takuro Ueda

    Executive Vice President for Industry-University Collaboration